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Art I Vocab

Teacher: Mrs. Fuller
Formed when two lines connect.
The defining lines of an object.
Created by adding value to shape. Creates the illusion of dimension.
These colors create the highest contrast and are opposite each other on the color wheel.
A type of drawing done by observing an object that is present.
The artist responsible for the cubist movement.
These colors are blue, violet, and green.
Created by light.
These colors are made by mixing two primary colors.
A transitional fade of light to dark.
The use of only gray scale.
The basic ingredients that make up any work of art.
These colors are made by mixing one primary and one secondary.
These colors are red, yellow, and orange.
Gray scale and one color.
These colors are red, yellow, and blue.
Lines that define shape and form.
Adding black to a color.
An exercise that trains the eye to really look at an object without looking down at your paper.
The most basic element of art.
Adding white to a color.
These colors create a sense of harmony.
An exercise in which you shade boxes from light to dark.
A technique used to add value to an object.
The relative lightness or darkness in a work.