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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Prefix Review

Teacher: Mrs. R
The _________ water looked like my brother poured dirt into it.
We need extra layers of warmth because the temperature outside is __________ degrees.
My friend and I ___________ the oven before we put the cake in.
It is ________ to chew food with your mouth open.
We can read and write, therefore we are not __________.
My essay was sloppy, so my teacher said to __________ the whole thing!
Sometimes I am __________ and I complain about waiting in long lines
My mother ____________ the chicken before we went to the party.
I saw the swimmer __________ when she dove into the water.
My father wore a hat under the hot sun when he painted the _________ of the house
It is __________ to drive through a red stop light.