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Earth, Moon and Sun

Puzzle Type: Educational
Creator: Drew Hebert
A force that causes things to fall to Earth
A large round hole in the ground
An area of land that raises high above the land around it
The season that follows Winter
The measurment that indicates how hot or cold something is
A clear liquid that has no color,smell or taste
The center of the Earth, Moon and Sun
The season that follows Summer
The Season where the days are hottest
The Season with the coldest days
An imaginary straight line the Earth rotates on.
It takes 24 hrs to _______ on its axis
Energy that causes things to become warm
The whole mass of air that surrounds the Earth
Usable power that comes from heat, electricity, etc.
An area of darkness created when a source of light is blocked
Rain, Snow and Fog are examples of what
To turn around a center point or line
A substance like air and has no shape
To travel around something like the Earth or Moon