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Latin America Winter Festivities

Teacher: Richard Landolt
Each home will light approximately 100 candles on the curb or sidewalk area.
Thousands of people attend midnight mass
The beat of drums mark Mary and Joseph seeking lodging.
Viejo Pascuero - Old Man Christmas who wishes everyone a happy Christmas
Fireworks and Barbeque
Carols and costumes like the Magi might have worn.
Brightly arrayed llamas
These people love the poinsettias.
Pesebre or Nativity scene and the three kings
The feast of the Epiphany
Mass of the Rooster
Shepherdess and gypsy who try to capture the Christ child
Value family and 'catching up' with friends and family.
Wood carved figures by the Quecha Indians and a procession of the Virgin Mary
Attend an early morning church service bringing out their mangers and to roller skate to this service.
The manger scene is decorated with wild orchids.
These people party with eggnog and firecrackers.
Turron, a kind of almond candy and the Nochebuena or Christmas Eve time.