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social studies choice board

Jiayu Yan: Jiayu Yan
a game in which a heavy ball is rolled along a lane to knock down large wooden pins
a farmer who raises crops or livestock on land belonging to another in return for rent
the Dutch word for farm
a person or group who settles in a colony
a large mass of land
a person that tries to change the religion of people
people who want to overthrow the government
a human being owned as property by another person,usually for life, and forced to work for that person
a mill that grinds wheat and corn when the wind turns its large blades
one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring,brought to America by the Dutch
a person bound by contract to work for another for a fixed period of time
a person who controls a town or colony
a machine run by a foot pedal with a large wheel that turns to spin thread
an inn or meeting place
a way or direction often taken by trading ships doing business with another country
an area of land surrounded on three sides by water
a territory located for from the country that has control over it
the Dutch word for parch