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Kemper Specialty California Crossword

_____ more with Kemper Specialty California.
A contract to protect against loss, damage, or liability.
A SR-22 is a financial _______ form that demonstrates proof of liability insurance.
Kemper Specialty ________.
Chance that you could suffer a financial loss.
Our automatic payment option from bank account or credit card.
Our Quick _______ Guide has all you need to know online 24/7. (Click here for hint)
We love our ______!
Recently added to save you time and effort: _____ Policy Button.
Insurance policy or deposit of ________ thousand dollars both meet California financial responsibility requirements.
A clause in your insurance policy that states you will pay for a specific amount of a claim before the company pays.
Auto insurance coverage that pays for repairs to your car when you're at fault for the accident.
Auto insurance coverage that pays for damage caused by acts of nature.
Being able to pay for the damage that you are legally liable for: _________ Responsibility.
This coverage pays for unintentional property damage or injuries you may have caused to a third party.