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Cell Reproduction

Abnormal cell growth
They package DNA into a smaller volume to fit in a cell
the final phase of cell division
The transfer of genetic material to another through direct contact
the exchange of genes between homologous chromosomes
The cell cycle
A set of one maternal and one paternal chromosome that pair up together during meiosid
A type of cell division that reduces the chromosome number in half
Has two homologous copies of each chromosome
Is used to seperate DNA
The bringing about the separation into two daughter cells
Sex cells
Cells that can differentiate into specialized cells
The growth and reproduction of a cell
The phase in which a cell spends most of its time
Is wherethe chromosomes move away from one another to opposite poles of the spindle
is a process in which a generic cell develops into a specific type of cell in response to specific triggers from the body or the cell itself
Failure of two homologous chromosomes to pass to sperarate cells during mitosis
Is when the chromosomes become attached to the spindle fibers
Every other cell besides sex cells
The seperation of chromosomes in the nucleus become two identical sets of chromosomes
A newly copied chromosome
Has one homologous copy of its chromosomes
You have 23 sets of these
The number and visual appearance of the chromosomes in the nucleus
the first stage of cell division
Your genetic information