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Pre-Algebra Chapters 1 - 3

Teacher: Rhonda Scruggs
A mathematical sentence stating that two quantities are equal.
A rational number whose square root is a whole number
Rational and irrational numbers
Any number that can be written as a fraction
A number, variable, or a product of the two
The numerical factor of a term that contains a variable.
A compact way of writing numbers that are very large or very small.
Opposite operations
A ratio with a denominator of 1.
The vertical number line on the coordinate plane.
The horizontal change between any two points on a line.
A pair of numbers used to locate a point on the coordinate plane
The four sections of the coordinate plane,.
The vertical change between any two points on a line.
A math phrase that contains numbers, variables and operations
A coordinate system in which a horizontal number line and a vertical number line intersect at the origin.
The order in which a numbers are added or multiplied does not change the sum or product
Rise over run
First value in an ordered pair
A term without a variable.
To perform all possible operations in an expression
A letter used to represent a number
To fall in a straight line
A branch of math that involves expressions with variables.
Horizontal number line on the coordinate plane