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The process of grouping things based on their similarities.
Probable evolutionary relationships among organisms and the order in which specific characteristics may have evolved.
The scientific study of how organisms are classified.
A classification grouping that contains similar, closely related organisms.
The mistaken idea that living things arise from non-living sources.
Any change or signal in the environment that can make an organism react in some way.
Recall that the process of change over time.
An action or change in behavior that occurs as a result of a stimulus.
Made of a single cell.
Unrelated organisms evolve characteristics that are similar.
An organism that cannot make its own food and gets food by consuming other living things.
The combination of chemical reactions through which an organism builds up or breaks down materials.
An experiment in which only one variable is manipulated at a time.
Each organism was given a unique, two-part scientific name.
An organism that is able to capture energy from sunlight or chemicals and use it to produce its own food.
A reproductive process that involves two parents that combine their genetic material to produce a new organism which differs from both parents.
The reproductive process that involves only one parent & produces off-spring that are genetically identical to the parent.
A dense area in a cell that contains nucleic acids.
The condition in which an organism's internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes in the external environment.
Consisting of many cells.
A living thing.
The process of change that occurs during an organism's life to produce a more complex organism.
The basic unit of structure and function in living things.
A group of similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce offspring that can also mate and reproduce.