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Poetry Terms Review

Use your notes or ELA Reference Guide to help you complete the puzzle.
A reference in a work of literature to another work such as a well-known character, place, situation, work of art or music, etc.
A poem that tells a story.
CRASH! The symbols fell to the ground during rehearsal.
The child was as wild as a storm churning through the cafeteria.
Whose woods these are, I think I know. His house is in the village though.
The sea hurled itself angrily at the rocks on the shore.
A grouping of lines in a poem; the paragraphs of a poem.
The voice in a poem, this voice is not necessarily the author himself.
Poetry that has no fixed pattern of rhyme, rhythm, or line length. Does not have a beat.
Her smile was the sunshine of my day.
A poem that concentrates on describing feelings about a topic rather than telling a story.
The author's message in a story or poem.
Rhyme that takes place within the same line. The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that.
Silly Sally was sitting in slimy seaweed on the sand.
The dripping sticky honey oozed out of the bee hive, its sweet aroma attracting other creatures.
You've lost so much weight you could float away.
An author's USE of an object, person, place, or idea to represent a more abstract concept.
The repetition of a word, phrase, line, or stanza to create a beat or emphasize importance
Another name for a category in literature, music, or art.
A pattern created by the arrangement of words, syllables, or sounds to give the poem a beat or musical quality.
The emotional atmosphere or "feeling" of a poem or story.