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7th Grade Chapter 13 - Circulation & Immunity

Teacher: Mrs. Morey
Substance that causes an allergic reaction
A type of passive transport in cells in which molecules move from areas where there are more of them to areas where there are fewer of them
Fluid that has diffused into the lymphatic capillaries
Process in which a liquid is heated to a temperature that kills most bacteria
Disease that is not caused by a pathogen
Immunity that results when antibodies produced in one animal are introduced into another's body virus
The liquid part of blood, which is made mostly of water
Irregular shaped cell fragments that help clot blood
Blood vessel that carries blood to the heart
Blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
A molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide
Complex molecule that is foreign to your body
Disease caused by a virus, bacterium, fungus, or protest that is spread from one person to another
Long-lasting immunity that results when the body makes its own antibodies in response to a specific antigen
A strand of hereditary material surrounded by a protein coating
A group of similar cells that work together to do one job
Blood vessel that connects arteries and veins
A type of protein that regulates chemical reactions in cells without being changed or used up itself
A protein made in response to a specific antigen that can attach to the antigen and cause it to be useless