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Revolutionary War Crossword Puzzle

Student: Sophie12345
A drug that results in loss of pain.
The process of being infected or infected with a contagious disease.
A disorder in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms.
Disease spreading rapidly throughout a population or group of people.
Being __________ is to be free from germs.
The injection of a disease agent into a body to build immunity.
One who serves in the army.
A medical practitioner qualified to practice surgery
Microorganisms that can cause disease.
Disease spreading rapidly through a groups of people is ___________.
One who studies under a noted person in a particular field, in order to learn more about that field.
To inject the body with a liquid containing the dead or weakened virus to help fight against the disease.
Contagious disease causing a fever, skin eruptions, and often causes death.
One who pretends to understand medicine but has not been trained or certified to practice
One who is a qualified practitioner of medicine