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Merry Christmas Mom!

From: Adam
Sicilian Volcano
2012 Super Bowl Winner
21st President
Famous Boxer and Egyptian Ruler-First Name Muhammad
1 In Spanish
An Opaque Glassy Substance Used for Protection or for Ornamentation
Zodiac Sign for May 21st to June 21st
A Purplish Flower:Also a Color
A Province in East Central Canada
The Species of the Character Often Referred to as Chewie in the Star Wars Series
A Story that has a Hidden Meaning
The Capital of Maine
A spiritual leader
A Deep Blue Green Color, Also the Name For A Duck
Ivy League School in NY
Holy infant So ______ and Mild
European Country to the Right of Hungary and Above Bulgaria
An Island or Peninsula, Usually Small
A Holiday Celebrated for the Creation of the Labor Movement
A Collection of the Same Items in a Store in an Inaccessible place
Country in Saudi Arabia under Bahrain
Villain in Batman Dark Night Rises
The Inside of an Apple