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Bible Semester 1 Test 2015

Took care of her mother-in-law
Anointed at a young age to be the future king of Israel
The room that contained the ark of the covenant
A prophet sent to challenge King Ahab and the prophets of Baal
Champion of the Philistine army
First king of Israel
The Lord's priest and prophet to Israel, the last judge of Israel
Consisted of one tribe; referred to as Judah
The kinsman redeemer who married Ruth
The prophet who confronted David about his sin
A temporary and portable place of worship
A prostitute who became an unlikely hero of faith
A collection of praises to God
The king who was the wisest man who ever lived
A permanent structure built atop a mountain
Her husband and 2 sons died
Consisted of 10 tribes; referred to as Israel
A prophet who received the mantle of Elijah
The enemy of the Israelites
Called by God to lead the Israelites into the promised land
A book that gives basic Godly principles for life
Bathsheba's husband whom David killed
Used to lead a small army to defeat the Midianites
A prophet sent to Ninevah
Devout man; his sons were wicked and corrupt