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Plant kingdom

Found in the cells; absorb the sunlight's energy and transforms it into chemical energy.
Thin cells that look like thread and take in water and minerals for the plant
Released as a waste product through the stomata. This is why we need plants!
Takes up water from the ground and some even store food.
Process in which sugars that the plant makes are burned for energy. Energy is released.
Grows above the ground and moves food, water, and minerals.
Where plants make and use their own energy as living things
A process that allows a plant to get rid of excess water is called...
The process when plants use the energy from the sunlight to make food from water and carbon dioxide.
_______ and water are two key ingredients for plant survival.
One way you can classify plants by whether or not they have _______.
Plants make their own ______.
People use plant parts for ______ that are needed for growth, cell repair, and to help our bodies.
Most of the photosynthesis takes place in the _________.
Sunlight is absorbed and carbon dioxide enters through ________