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General Bible Knowledge 2

Instead of going to Nineveh, where did Jonah try to go? (Jonah 1:3)
Who was the tanner that Peter stayed with in Joppa after he raised Tabitha? (Acts 9:43)
Who was the governor of Judea during the time of Christ? (Luke 3:1)
What name were Jesus's followers first given in Antioch? (Acts 11:26)
Into what land was Joseph sold? (Gen. 37:28)
Who will inherit the earth? (Matt. 5:5)
Who left her son under a shrub so that she didn't have to see him die? (Gen. 21:14-16)
For how many years did the Israelites find manna on the ground? (Exodus 16:35)
What has God promised to give liberally if we ask him? (James 1:5)
How many books are in the Bible?
What was the name of the mountain where Elijah and the prophets of Baal had a contest? (1 Kings 18:19)
What was the name of the demon Jesus removed from the man and put into the pigs? (Luke 8:30)
Jesus was a descendant of which tribe of Israel? (Matt. 1:16)
How many braids of Samson's hair did Dililah have shaved? (Judges 16:19)
What man had sons which became the leaders of the twelve tribes? (Exodus 1:1-4)
What does the Lord prepare in the presence of our enemies? (Psalm 23:5)