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5th Grade - Chapter 6 Ecosystems

Teacher: Mrs. Morey
The continuous exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen among living things
The changing of gas to a liquid
A biome where grasses not trees, are the main plant life
The final stage of succession in an area, unless a major change happens.
The gradual replacement of one's community by another
A cool forest biome of conifers in the upper Northern Hemisphere
A sandy or rocky biome, with little precipitation and little plant life
The first community thriving in a once lifeless area
Any form of water particles that falls from the atmosphere and reaches the ground
The continuous trapping of nitrogen gas into compounds in the soil and its return to the air
A forest biome with many kinds of trees that lose their leaves each autumn
The slow changing of a liquid to a gas
A hot biome near the equator, with much rainfall and wide variety of life
The continuous movement of water between Earth's surface and the air, changing from liquid to gas to liquid
The first species living in an otherwise lifeless area
Large, treeless plain in the arctic regions, where the ground is frozen all year
One of Earth's large ecosystems, with its own kind of climate, soil, plants, and animals