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Ancient China Vocabulary

Puzzle Type: Educational
People of high rank
Barrier that linked earlier walls across China's northern frontier
Uses the position of shadows cast by the sun to tell the time of day
4000 mile long network of routes stretched westward from China across Asia's deserts and mountain ranges, through the Middle East, until it reached the Mediteranean Sea
Most famous daoist teacher
A hard gemstone
First emperor of China
The ideas of Confucius
The practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points to cure disease or relieve pain
The most influential teacher in history
Farmers with small farms
A prediction
Stressed living in harmony with the Dao, the guiding force of all reality
The belief that people were bad by nature and needed to be controlled
A device that measures the strength of an earthquake
Moral values
The spread of ideas from one culture to another
A soft, light, highly valuable fabric