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The Ugly Cat

Grandpa: O
....learned more about giving compassion than a _____ books, ....
Thinking about how one scarred, _____ little stray could....
Ugly was badly ______.
A little affection, perhaps some _______.
I could hear him ______...
Ugly was the most loving ______ I had....
Foot appeared...making him look like he was always _____ the corner.
The dogs did not ____kindly....
I will always try to be ____.
He would curl his _____ body....
He turned his one _____ eye....
Ugly loved three things, fighting, eating garbage and _____.
Looed up at me completely ______ in me.
____for their love.
Asking only for a little ______
Ugly was a ______ tomcat.
The distinct sound of _______
He was missing his ____...
To give my ____ to those I cared for.
Ugly would have been a dark gray ______....