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science extra credit

: Jee'Dyn Lundy
A U shaped bent in the course of a river
a dome-shaped structure in sedimentary rocks, formed where a large mass of salt has been forced upward
The beginning of a river
I pile of the calcium on other minerals that solidify from driping water off of a stalagtite
A small stream that feed into the head waters
A glacier that covers a large area
Rumbles in the earth
The place where two tectonic plates meet
Formed when a stalagmite and a stalagtit form together
The name of what water carries down stream
A barrier built out into a body of water to protect harbord from the force of waves
Calcium and other minerals that have solidified from driping water from the cilling
A glacier that formed in a valley
An area of high risk of flood
A land mas that forms when sediments of rock are carried tto the end of a river
I circle of volcanoes In the pacific ocean
A mountain or hill with a vent that allows lava or molten rock to come out
The draining away of water
An opening through a head land by wave erosion
Hot molten rock from a volcanoe