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Vocabulary: A physics toolkit

Puzzle Type: Educational
Science Teacher: Ronda Denton
An educated, testable guess about how variables are related
A systematic method of observing, experimenting, and analyzing to answer questions about the natural world.
The factor that is changed or manipulated during an experiment.
A parabolic relationship that results when one variable depends on the square of another variable.
A branch of science that involves the study of physical world: energy, matter, and how they are related.
The factor in an experiment that depends on the independent variable. (The result)
When the line of best fit between variables is a straight line
All the valid digits in a measurement, the number of which indicates the measurement's precision.
A method of treating units as algebraic quantities, which can be cancelled; can be used to check that an answer will be in the correct units
A characteristic of a measured value describing the degree of exactness of a measurement.
A well-established rule about the natural world that sums up , but doesn't explain, a pattern in nature.
A hyperbolic relationship that exists when one variable depends on the inverse of the other variable.
An explanations based on numerous observations, supported by experimental results, that may explain why things work the way they do.
A comparison between an unknown quantity and a standard
A characteristic of a measured value that describes how well the results of a measurement agree with he "real" value, which is the accepted value, as measured by competent experimenters.
A line that best passes through or near graphed data, used to describe data and predict where new data will appear on the graph.