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Geometry Definitions

Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees
A polygon of 3 sides where one angle is right
An enclosed figure made up of three or more straight lines
This is straight and extends in both directions infinitely
This angle has a measure of 180 degrees
These are formed when two parallel lines are intersected by a third line (the angles are equal)
A polygon whose angles and sides are equal
This type of angle has a measure of 90 degrees
A precise location on a plane
The longest side of a triangle
This type of angle has a measure greater than 90 degrees
These never intersect and have the same slope
This is formed by 2 lines that meet at a point
Two angles whose sum is 180 degrees
These create vertical angles and (which are equal)
This represents the total distance around an object
Two angles with a common vertex and a common side are called this
These are the two lines that form an angle
This type of angle has a measure less than 90 degrees
A unit of angle measure