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Women in the Bible

Puzzle Type: Fun
jo: jo
Paul spoke very highly of this deacon in Romans 16
She witnessed her brother come back from death
Find me in Acts 16:40
A Moabite woman who is listed in the ancestry of Christ
A prostitute who welcomed spies into her home, thus saving her family from destruction
A beautiful Jewish woman, selected as Queen to King Xerxes ,but her heritage put her in a dangerous dilemma
If we could combine the best of body mind and spirit into one, we would have some idea of what this woman was like
My husband and I explained Salvation through Jesus Christ to Apollos
She longed for a baby and God answered her prayers and was blessed with Samuel in her old age
A woman who traveled with her daughter in law because her husband had died
A leader of Israel, who led a battle with Barak and slew a Canaanite general by drilling a peg into his temple
A young girl who got pregnant before she was married , but an angel told her "Fear not"
An elderly woman whose husband could not speak till her baby was born
She gave birth to Moses and after 3mos put him in a basket in in river to save his life
Left her homeland of UR for unknown territory
A woman called out of her home country to make a 500mile journey to marry a man she never met
Find me in Acts 9:36
Because she spoke against her brother Moses she became a leper, but Moses prayed for her and God healed her