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Science Project

Vocabulary Project: Joshua Arocha
A specialized cell that move messages in the form of fast moving electrical impulses in the brain
Anything living; all of the organ systems working together
A tough strand of tissue that connects a muscle to bone
Windpipe. air flows from the larynx through the trachea to the lungs
An organism, virus or protein that causes disease
Blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
Pair of organs that remove waste from the blood
Blood vessel that carries blood back to the heart
Different organs working together to perform a major function in the body
A group of cells that make a special chemicals for your body
A chemical the body uses to break down large molecules into smaller molecules
A fluid that carries gases, nutrients and waste through the body
Is a chemical messenger that causes a change in another cell or tissue in a different part of the body
An organ that makes fluids that break down every type of material found in food
The tough flexible tissue that holds bones together
A group of similar cells working together to perform a specific function
Is the part of the throat that holds the vocal cords
Organ that makes and releases a mixture called bile, which is stored in the gallbladder.
A place where two or more bones connect
Different tissues working together to perform a specific function