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French Revolution Crossword

By: Mia
Name suggested for the Third Estate and they pass laws and reforms in the name of the French people.
Government-run public schools
A machine that beheaded people
A formal agreement, especially one between the pop and a government, dealing with the control of church affairs
Became a lieutenant in the artillery and joined the army of the new government when the Revolution broke out.
A village in Belgium.
A jacobian leader that slowly gained power and set out to build a "republic of virtue"
Three large social classes that the people of France were divided in.
An assembly of representatives from all three estates.
A policy that prevented all trade and communication between Great Britain and other European nations.
The practice of burning crops and killing livestock during wartime so that the enemy cannot live off the land.
Nobles and others who had fled France that hoped to undo the Revolution ad restore the Old Regime
An assembly that had the power to create laws and to approve or prevent any war the king declared on other nations.
A wave of senseless panic that spread through the French countryside after the storming of the Bastille in 1789.
Became king in 1774 and inherited part of the debt from his predecessors.
Louis' wife and a member of France's enemies royal family, so she was hated in France.
Napoleon's comprehensive system of laws that he thought was his greatest work.
The period or Robespierre's rule as a dictator
The one major battle that Napoleon lost.
Vote of the people
A conflict in which Spanish rebels fought to drive Napoleon's French troops out of Spain.
The system of feudalism left over from the Middle Ages.