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Constitutional Law 2

Author: WLD
Intentional relinquishment of a known right
Standard - Justices needed to consider a case on its merits
Stopping a person solely on the basis of ethnic identity
Doctrine that allowed illegally obtained evidence by state officers to be admissible in federal court
Defendant's subsequent voluntary act dissipates the contamination of the initial illegality
All of the facts considered together
Brief detention of a person based on reasonable suspicion
51% confidence level (criminal)
"To tell the truth"
Amount of force that poses a high risk of serious injury or worse
After violation of Miranda warning, police would have found the evidence anyway
Government's exercise of control over a person's thing due to violation of law
Rule that illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in court
Law enforcement practice of halting traffic for investigations
Criminal charges issued by a grand jury
Standard - No one is above the law
Examination of a location, vehicle, or person
When the suspect is under arrest or deprived of freedom in a significant manner
One-on-one confrontation between a suspect and a witness to a crime
Suspect and others who look similar are presented to the victim/witness for identification