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Constitutional Law 3

Author: WLD
"you have the body"
Amendment that protects against unreasonable search and seizures
Amendment that protects against self-incrimination
A motion filed by the prosecutor to dismiss the charges
Doctrine in which secondary evidence is inadmissible in court if the primary evidence was obtained illegally
Power of court to try a case
Error made during a trial that does not result in a reversal of a conviction on appeal
Warning given to suspects, warning them that they do not need to answer questions about a crime
Amount of force that a prudent and cautious person would use; minimum amount of force necessary to do job
Area around a home that is outside of curtilage
Rule that illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in court
When a suspect does not refute evidence presented against her
Territory in which case is tried
Expedition in which police search a person without definite contraband in mind in hopes of finding usable evidence
Doctrine that contraband within sight of an officer who is legally in the place may be seized
Saying that one has committed the act
Amendment that allows a lawyer
Honest and reasonable mistake made by police officers
Detention at police post short of arrest but greater that on-the-street detention of stop and frisk
Criminal offense punishable by death or long prison sentences