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How a Bill Becomes Law

Uncle Sam: Created by Ms. Bourgeois
To be set aside; to be killed in committee
A bill is introduced into the Senate by a...
The first draft of a law - it is introduced by a member of Congress
A bill is introduced into the House of Representatives by a ...
What kind of veto happens when the President does not sign a bill after 10 days and Congress adjourns?
Who assigns the title and number of the bill
A bill is studied and reviewed by this
How many committees are in the House of Representatives?
A person who tries to get Senators and Representatives to vote a certain way on bills
If both the House and Senate pass a bill it then goes to whom?
What is it called when the President rejects a bill
Committees hold hearings and invite these individuals to voice their opinions on the bill being considered
How many committees are in the Senate?
Not a law -- a gesture, idea or recommendation that does not require enforcement by any government agency
Box located at the Speaker's rostrum
If the President signs a bill it becomes what?