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Teacher: Sra. Rovner
Time would be better spent not doing this.
Also known as 'runs' and are what you ski on
Someone who does a certain winter sport with poles on a mountain
Someone who does a certain winter sport on a mountain like skateboarding.
The act of doing a winter sport on ice
A place you go to live when you ski
How you get to the top of the ski mountain
The 'shoe' you wear to do a certain winter sport on ice
October 6th through 10th
Big rocks used to ski.
Big shoes used in winter and rain to stay dry and warm
Opposite of going down
Piece of protection used to protect your head
A fireman uses this instead of stairs
Used during baseball games when a player is in the field on his head.
Not yes, not no, but...
Opposite of going up
The week the Packers beat the Vikings
When you are scared you...
The verb of doing a winter sport on a mountain with poles
Saturday and Sunday
Device used to do a winter sport much like skateboarding
Protective devices to keep hands warm.
The tip top of the big rock used for skiing
What you wear on your body that zips up and covers most of your torso when you ski
Thin snowboard, but two are used when doing this certain winter sport.