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Chapter 4 Terms Geography

Teacher: briggs
Trees which retain or keep their leaves in winter. often produce a cone
Winds which travel est to east. bring a milder climate to W. Europe
Man made barriers to hold back water to help prevent flooding
Many ag. societies began using more machines to help with the work
Where a part of the sea connects to lower portion of river
Common type of government during Middle Ages. Kings and nobles.
Trees which lose their leaves in winter
Melting and fusing of metals
Sea route connecting N. Sea and Atlantic Ocean
Mountain chain which forms border between France and Spain
Extend along SE border of France thru Switz.,Austria and Germany
Economy based on services not on factories
Tense times between US and USSR after WWII. bad relations and threats of nuclear war.
Time period known for the Crusades
Genocide of 6 million Jews during WWII by German Government