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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Teacher: Kenny Riedel
The nation to our south
Our nation's capital city
The county in which we live
The ocean closest to us
The middle county in our state
The state in which we live
The nation in which we live
A continent that includes Kenya, Djibouti, etc.
The ocean on the U.S. west coast
The language that we speak
A symbol of our nation that is red, white, and blue
The coldest continent
One of our state's nicknames
Number of states in our nation
Our national bird
A continent that includes Spain, France, etc.
The nation to our north
The continent on which we live
A continent that is just one nation
A continent that includes Brazil, Argentina, etc.
The northernmost county in our state
President ______
Our state capital
A state near ours with a capital city called Richmond
A dessert that America is known for
A state near ours known for its crabs
A city known as "The Big Apple"
The town or city you are from
A continent that includes Japan, China, etc.