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General Bible Knowledge 3

How old was Jesus when He went to Jerusalem with His parents? (Luke 2:42)
What is the name of the region where Nazareth is located? (Matt. 2: 22-23)
At what hour did the Lord strike down (kill) the firstborn in the land of Egypt? (Exodus 12:29)
What are we not supposed to cast before swine? (Matt: 7: 6)
What name did the chief of the eunuchs give Daniel? (Daniel 1:7)
What did Esau sell that Jacob bought? (Gen. 25: 29-34)
Who was king Saul's son? (1 Samuel 13: 16)
David said he has never seen the righteous forsaken, or their children begging _______? (Psalm 37:25)
Who was the boy who was king? (2 Kings 22:1)
Where did Lazarus, Mary, & Martha live? (John 11:1)
Where were the two disciples going when Jesus joined them on the road? (Luke 24: 13-15)
The Joseph who asked for the body of Jesus was from ______? (John 19:38)
What people wanted to know the secrets of Sampson's strength? (Judges 16: 4-5)
What feast day did Jesus and His disciples celebrate at the last supper? (Matt. 26-17)
Who was Priscilla's husband? (Acts 18:2)
What old testament man pretended to be insane to escape death? (1 Samuel 21: 12-14)