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God the Father

scott Lance: Scott Lance
The third member of the Godhead (Article of Faith 1)
This means that He is all powerful and can do all things that He wishes to do!
He knows us individually because we are His children and He loves us!
What we must have to follow and believe in God.
He who organized the world and the universe we live in.
He is called this because He is literally the father of our Sprits bodies.
Our Father in Heaven has authored a wonderful ____ of Salvation whereby we may repent of our sins, and return to live with Him and our families in Joy Forever
The first member of the Godhead (Article of Faith 1)
We can learn about our Father in Heaven by studying and following His ____.
This means that His influence is in and through all things!
This means that He knows all things. He has a perfect understanding of all truth.
Man is that he might have ___?
What God wants us to do so that we become like Him and return to live with Him and Jesus.
I am the way, the truth and the light. No man cometh to me except by the ______.
We show our love of the Father by keeping the __________.
Answers the question in the Primary Song, Who Am I?
One of the ways we communicate with God
The second member of the Godhead (Article of Faith 1)
When the Godhead appeared to Josep Smith, the Father introduced His beloved Son and then said _____ ___.
The first commandment from God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden was to __________ and replenish the Earth.