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History Week 14

Teacher: M. McCarty
Mary's Mother: Mary of _______
Name of the Dauphin she married
Queen Elizabeth I also put Mary in __________
Catherine de' Medici's daughter ______ married Henry of Navarre, son of Jeanne d'Albret
Mary's Father
Jeanne's second husband: Anthony of _____
Elizabeth I eventually had Mary _________
Jeanne's religion
King of France when Mary lived there
Musician who was killed by Lord Darnley's associates
Mary became queen of France when her husband died from an ___ _________.
Other name of Mary's second husband
Catherine de' Medici was a _______, neither a Catholic nor Protestant
Jeanne fled here during the civil war and supported the troops
Mary's third husband was the Earl of ________
Lord Darnley may have died in an explosion of _____________
Mary spent her childhood here
Jeanne's first marriage was to the German Duke of ______, but it was later annulled
When she was nine, Jeanne was sent to live with this uncle
One of Jeanne d'Albret's titles: Countess of ____
On August 24, 1572, Catherine tried to have all Huguenot leaders in Paris killed in the St. ______'s Day Massacre.
Country where Mary was born and ruled
The act or an instance of killing a number of usually helpless or unresisting human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty
Henry of Navarre eventually became King of France and declared himself this religion
Mary was of this faith (religion)
Catherine loved power had "________" tendencies
Mary's second husband
Jeanne probably died from this disease
Huguenots were this religion
Mary was imprisoned at ____ ______ Castle.
Under the advice of a Jesuit priest, and because she was afraid of losing power, Catherine attempted to have this Huguenot admiral assassinated.
He did not want Catholicism to return to Scotland
One of Jeanne d'Albret's titles: Queen of ______
Queen of France when Mary was there: Catherine __ ________
Mary and Lord Darnley's son