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George Washington Crossword puzzle

Washington was the only president to go into battle while ___ as president.
Washington only ___ two bills while president.
Washington was a ____ ___.
The ____ of the bill of Rights happened on Washington's watch.
Washington had to ___ during battle.
Washington enjoyed less than three years of ____ at Mount Vernon.
Jefferson and madison founded the ____ __ __.
Washington established the tradition of ___ ___ ___.
Washington was one of the ____ presidents of all time.
Washington was one of the most ____ presidents.
In 1754 Washington led an attack that started a ___ __.
In Washington's first term he joined states together to help form a ____ government
What did congress create?
Washinton was a ____ hero at age 22.
During Washington's early teens he had mastered growing ____.
Washington ___ against being king.
George Washington was strapped in for ____ during his presidency.
Washington left school at age of 15 to become a ____.
Washington was the leader of the ___ __
Congress passed the __ __ ___.
Washington ____ Hamilton with directing financial policy
It led an attack on the president.
Adam received 71 votes in the _____ _____.
Washington died of ____ infection.
Washington personally ____ that the U.S Government would enforce laws by mobilizing troops.
Washington was the only president who was ____ elected twice.
Washington's vice president was ___ ___.
Washington thought that the best ___ for battle was to harass the British
Nations capital at the time.
Washington stayed ___ during war in Europe.