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5th grade List 18

Teacher: Mrs. Storks
Coming from
Good judgment
The act of striving or seeking
Not able to be taken apart
Violated; broken as a law
To give up something
To break up; end
Freedom from control
On one's own country; not foreign
Real or imagined wrongs
To set apart; dedicate
Well-being; health; happiness
An accusation of crime by a grand jury
An army of citizens ready to serve in emergencies
To determine; decide
To make holy; regard with great respect and awe
Given from birth
Righteous treatment; deserved reward or punishment
Originated; began
Calmness; peace
Showing greatness of character; magnificently
Willingly gave up at a great cost
Fleeting; not lasting
A statement of belief
The state of being equal before the law
Not able to be given or taken away
The act of going along with another's wishes
Too much
Independent of the control of other governments
Fair; showing no favoritism
To make a formal request to someone in authority for some right or benefit
To force