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Great Memories of the Christmas Party

Author: Emily Swartz
We packed the room with folks from this attorney's firm that we merged with last year
New faces joined our tables from this firm that Boleman acquired most recently
Some people really get in the spirit and wear silly ones of these to the party
Some folks even win extra cash scratching these gifts
Rusty gave this piece of jewelry to Gayle for their anniversary
Joe makes these delicious items as a yummy dessert every year
Rusty consults Robin for Fashion and her for jewelry
His jolly seasonal greeting is: “Turn down for what”
The majority of our time is devoted to this fantastic tradition
This meat is usually fried and served as a tasty main course
Rusty made everyone laugh when he wore his gift of fake teeth and big round _____
This year the party was _______ 4, 2015
This healthy green veggie is always on the menu and served on a platter
This big gift was given to some special folks who have given many years of service to the firm