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Mass and Role of a Server

3rd Person of God, Holy ...
Room used for storing vestments and items used at Mass. Where priest and servers vest for Mass.
The stand where both the Readings and Gospel are proclaimed and homily given
White robe worn by server
Priest who presides over Mass
Consecrated wine
Triple-folded rectangular cloth used to wipe Chalice and Communion Cups
A faith community, also a building
Person who oversees everything before Mass in the Sacristy. May ask servers to help.
Pastor at St. Pius X, Father .....
Means "I believe"
Table where items for Mass are kept and brought up by servers
Sign of the ......
Part of Mass when bread and wine change reality to become Eucharist
Associate Pastor at St. Pius X, Father ....
Square white cloth in middle of Altar to catch Eucharistic particles
Large chalice with lid that holds extra Consecrated Hosts
Table where wine and bread are located at beginning of Mass until Offertory procession
Mother of God
Person that sets example for all the Congregation.
Greeter and helps with Offertory collection
"Go out into the world to love and serve the ....."
Why Mass? To give .....
Deacon at St Pius X, Deacon ...........
Word Made Flesh
Where the Ciborium with extra consecrated hosts is securely kept
Area where Altar, Ambo, and Celebrant's chair is located
Consecrated Bread
Large table of the Lord where 'The Liturgy of the Eucharist' is celebrated
........... Ministers help distribute Eucharist at Holy Communion.
Cup that the Celebrant uses at the Altar to hold the wine that becomes the Blood of Christ.
Holy, Holy, ......
Ordained clergy that helps the Celebrant at the Altar.
Long white rope used by servers around waist over their alb.
Mass is a Holy ...........
Liturgy of the ..... ("Thanksgiving")
Liturgy of the ... (Readings)
Person that does 1st and 2nd Readings
Activity Before Mass that deals with Altar candles
Servers that setup and clear the Altar
Person/s who assist the Celebrant during Mass
........ Candle. Large tall candle used from Easter to Pentecost. Also, used for funerals and baptisms.
Derived from Latin word "Missa" means "to send" or "mission"
Free spiritual gift from God, food for the Soul
Number of Holy Days of Obligation