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God Promises Abram a New Home

Teacher: Cheryl
They _______ all their possessions.
Abram built an ___ to the Lord.
Number of altars Abram built
God told him to leave his country.
They built an altar under a ___.
God said he would make Abram into a great ____.
Abram's age when he left on his journey.
God told Abram to take his ____ to a new land.
The story is found in this book.
They _______ to the new land.
God said, "I give give you a new ____."
He would make his name ________.
God made a ____ to Abram that he would become a great nation.
Abram's wife's name was _____.
Abram took his nephew ____ and his family.
Abram _____ God for keeping his family safe.
They slept in _______.
They brought all their ______ on the trip.
God said He would ____Abram.
The place they were going to was called ____.