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Greece Crossword Puzzle

Author: Parker Caterbone
Who is the wife of Zeus?
Who ended debt slavery?
Who is the ruler in a monarchy power?
What is the Polis?
Who is the God of the Sun?
Who wrote the Iliad and the Oddessy?
Who is the Goddess of love?
The political center of the Polis was-
Who is the Goddess of the hunt?
Who was the legendary king of the Minoans?
Who made the first written Code of Laws for Greece?
Who has the power in a tyranny?
Who rules in a democracy?
Who were not allowed at the Olympic games?
Who is the ruler in a oligarchy?
Who has the power in an aristocracy?
Who is the Goddess of wisdom?
Who conquered the Greek City States in Asia-Minor?
Name a duty for a citizen-
What God is the most powerful?