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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The Gospel of Mark 4-8

Teacher: Mr. David Bonnet
Step 4 in the pattern of the miracle stories explains what is the ______of the miracle
Means “lay side by side”.
A parable technique has two levels of meaning one of which a _____story.
Parables were used by_______, sages, and rabbis of Jesus time In Israel.
Step 1 in the pattern of the Miracle Stories someone or the author ______ a person or persons to Jesus.
Jesus parables compels the hearer to_____ or ____ the message they cannot remain neutral
A parable technique tells religious or ______ lesson
In the "Bread" section of Mark, what unifies his community?
Step 3 in the Pattern of Miracle Stories Jesus _____ to the display of faith.
What sea does Jesus cross in the Bread section of Mark
Step 5 in the pattern of the miracle stories everyone or someone ______to the miracle
A parable technique is taken from everyday _______.
Jesus parables meant turn the world of the hearer upside down and bring about change of ____ and___.
Step 2 in the pattern of the miracle stories is a display of _____.