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Kingdoms and States of Medieval Africa

Teacher: Katie
The Songhai Empire reached the height of its power during ******** Ture's reign.
Al-*****, an 11th- century Muslim traveler to Ghana, wrote about the Ghanaian king's court.
This is the earth's second-largest continent.
A ********* society was a group of independent villages that were organized by clans and ruled by a local chieftain or clan head.
In the 14th century in *****, two monumental buildings were constructed of coral cut from the cliffs along the shore.
African religious beliefs were challenged, but not always replaced, by the arrival of *****.
Beginning in the 8th century, ******* from the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf began to settle in eastern port cities.
A key element in African religion was the importance of *********.
A special class of storytellers who help keep alive a people's history.
By putting so much gold into *********** in such a short time, Mansa Musa caused its value to fall.
Societies in which descent is traced through the father.
The epic of ******** tells the story of the first Mali king and was passed down by griots.
In the first millennium B.C., farming peoples who spoke dialects of the ***** family of languages began to move from the Niger River region into East Africa.
Africa includes **** different climate zones.
Today Swahili is the national language of Kenya and ********.
This is a type of geographical landscape: a high, flat area.
From about 1300 to about 1450, ******** was the wealthiest and most powerful state in southern Africa.
Under the leadership of ***** Ali, Songhai began to expand.
This is a broad grassland dotted with small trees and shrubs.
African dance was used as a way to communicate with the *******.
This is the earth's largest desert.
Mansa **** doubled the size of the kingdom of Mali.
Located just north of the equator, this port city was established in the 10th century.
A person who was believed to have the power to foretell events, usually by working with supernatural forces.
In the ******** half of the African continent, states formed more slowly than in the north.
Societies in which descent is traced through the mother.
******* had been practiced in Africa since ancient times.
In early Africa, including in the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, the arts were a means of serving ********.
This is the type of farming where one grows enough crops for personal use, not for sale.
This was a mixed African-Arabian culture that emerged on the eastern coast of Africa.
Christianity was adopted here in the fourth century.
By the 1400s, both boys and girls in the Congo were raised by their ******* until the age of six.
******** became recognized as one of the intellectual capitals of the Muslim world.
Considered the founder of the Kingdom of Mali, he defeated Ghana and captured its capital in 1240.
These were nomadic peoples whose camel caravans became known as the "fleets of the desert."
This was the first great trading states of West Africa, emerging as early as A.D. 500.
The Ghanaians prospered from their abundant supply of **** ore.