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Adam's Puzzle

Teacher: Adam
A prediction of a persons future based on the time they were born
A tube with mirrors and lenses used for seeing things out of direct line of vision.
A device used to hear sounds in another persons body
A straight line going from side to side, passing through the object
A device used for telling the exact temperature
The study of rocks
A collection of myths, usually relating to a particular person or people
The study of shapes
The study of words
An object used for keeping things warm
A device used for measuring the atmospheres pressure
A high powered magnifying device, especially used for looking at outer space
1000 meters
The outside of an object
A device used for telling the exact miles per hour or kilometers per hour
A special type of crystal rock
Produced by the internal heat of the earth.
A device used for looking at very small items
The study of landforms
A device used for changing the temperature
The study of animals
Caused by heat
1000th of a meter
The study of the relationship between organisms and their environment