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E.B. White - Author of the Trumpet of the Swans

The "B" in E.B. White's name stands for ________.
Mr. White said his stories are not true but are ________________ tales.
E.B. White is also the author of a book about a pig & a spider called ________Web.
Stuart Little, written by E.B. White, is about a _________ who acts like a human.
The "E" in E.B. White's name stands for _________.
Many say E.B. White's stories came from ________ stories he told to his niece & nephew.
The state where E.B. White and his family lived is called __________.
Mr. White liked to write, near the water in a ______, at his house in Maine.
E.B. White was born in the same state that you live in called ____ _____ State.
E.B. White was the youngest of ______ brothers & sisters.
E.B. White was _________ in 1899.
E.B. White won the Laura Ingalls Wilder _________.