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Linqua Latina: All First Person Verbs! All the Time!

Teacher: Kelly MacFarlane
I (a woman) was taught
I had broken
We were being taught
I (a women) had been warned
I lead (present tense)
I drank
We were teaching
I (a man) was broken
I did force
We (men) have been led
We will read
We (mixed group) had been praised
We (men) were praised
We (men) were loved
I read (present tense)
We were warned
I am forced
We will love
We will warn
I warn
I am led
I drink
I have led
I am loved
I broke
I gather
I (a woman) was loved
I (a man) will have been warned
We will be praised
I love
I (a man) will have been forced
I (a man) had been broken
We (men) were taught
We (women) were frightened
I (a woman) had been led
I used to praise
I (a woman) will have been broken
I will break
I (a man) was led
We will be warned
We were loving
I am broken
I have read
I am taught
I praise