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Renaissance Life

Mrs. Hay: Amy Lee
Popular form of entertainment for the wealthy.
The Renaissance began near the end of this period.
Biggest entertainment of the people of the Renaissance, took place before Lent.
What most people thought was the center of the universe.
His 95 Theses started the Reformation.
This invention by Johannes Gutenberg changed the world.
Painted the Mona Lisa.
The dance form that was invented during the Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries
The cultural movement of the Renaissance.
Average person during the Renaissance.
One of the most popular Greek philosophers.
Tight coat that men wore
Copernicus said this was the enter of the universe.
The invention of this had a huge impact on the daily life during the Renaissance.
Main religion of Renaissance Europe.
This invention helped astronomers learn about the planets and stars.
Artists were initially thought of as this.
A Spanish explorer who's discovery began an era of exploration and expansion of European powers throughout the Americas and the world.
The main church of Renaissance Europe.
Country where the Renaissance began.