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Grade 7, lesson 8

Teacher: Grade 6
He wrote a prologue in which we read that Jesus is the Word of God.
To make sacred for God
God is With Us
The accounts of Jesus birth and childhood are in the part of the gospels called what?
He took Jesus in his arms and praised God.
Jesus' family take their faith seriously, so they would be called ______.
In his gospel we read the story of Jesus staying behind at the temple after the Passover.
According to the law of ____ it is required that the first born be consecrated to God
John's gospel begins with these words
The coming of Jesus Christ fulfilled the promise made by God to remain with His people.
Jesus was conceived by the ___.
A sacred place where Jewish people worship
Jesus is both God and man
A holy women with the gift of prophecy who expresses Israelis' hope for the Messiah.
Jesus is from the line of David, who was from the line of whom?