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10th Grade Roots Midterm Review

Teacher: Ms. Barmeyer
Unable to be affected
Unpleasant and burdensome
Overflowing with words or feelings
Minor violation of a rule or law
One responsible for a crime
A moment of great insight
Face; facial expression
Manner in which one acts or behaves
Not direct or straightforward
To cut off, remove
To remember; to recall
Payment for an injury; compensation
To draw back; withdraw
To dramatically express emotions
Supportive; encouraging
Claimed as true, but probably false
Acting passionately and without forethought
Not able to be understood
Praise or approval
Existing as a natural part
Lacking moderation; severe or extreme
Too unchangeable in character or purpose
A guess, often one based on faulty evidence
Paying strict attention to detail
A copy or imitation
Calm; undisturbed
To decrease the strength of
To scold or criticize