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Vocabulary List 12

Teacher: T. Read
The student had trouble seeing the notes on the board, as they were partially _____ by the big head of the student sitting in the front row.
Weakness; incapacity
The teacher's _____ movements indicated to the students that she was either ill or extremely tired.
Hidden; covered; buried
During the holiday season, the Galleria is _____ in lights and decorations.
Calm; collected; self-possessed
Fear of heights
Medicinal; curative
Michael Jordan is often called the greatest player of all time, but he took a brief _____ from the sport to pursue a baseball career.
Many politicians are wealthy and powerful, but they are often representing the common, hard-working citizens in the _____.
During my teenage years, I had an _____ relationship with a pen pal from Australia, and we wrote to each other at least twice per month.
The old man's bad back was a major _____ that kept him from traveling very far from his home.
During an emergency, a police officer must remain _____ and ready to assist all who may need help.
Interruption; pause
Middle class
Mary refused to climb the ladder, claiming that she had a crippling case of _____.
Tired; slow
A mattress is an important investment, not only because of comfort, but also because of the _____ benefits it may possess for the body and mind.
Shining; glowing
Concerned with letters; through correspondence