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Ethan Grant's Cell Crossword Challenge

Student: Ethan Grant
Helps the cell divide.
Information for the cell. Tells the cell what to do.
Contains water, food, and waste for the cell.
Semipermeable barrier for all cells.
Produces proteins for the cell.
Studded with ribosomes and transports proteins that the ribosomes produce.
Sorts and stores nutrients and proteins for the cell.
Digest fatty acids.
Farthest perimeter of a plant cell.
Produced by ribosomes to help the cell.
Attacks old cell parts and viruses that invade the cell.
Associated with the production and metabolism of fats and steroid hormones.
Center of a cell.
Basic structure of all life.
Determines what gender you will be.
Center of the nucleus.
Produces energy for the cell.
Produces food for a plant cell.
Jelly-like substance in the cell, surrounds everything in the cell.
The membrane that surrounds the central vacuole in a plant cell.